product training has never-ever been easier

When you need your customer-facing employees to quickly grasp the details of a new product, Teamlearn has got you covered

Turn any product sheet PDF into an engaging e-learning course in seconds


Faster product training creation time with AI


Pages of documentation you can upload in one go

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How it works

Let AI do the  heavy lifting for you

Upload your product sheet in PDF format 5 seconds
Ask the AI to generate engaging content based on it 30seconds
Deploy the new product training to all your target audience 15seconds
types of product training

product training doesn't have to be boring

Life insurance, Car insurance, Home insurance products? No problem!

Our AI models are trained to deliver the best educational outcome from insurance product sheets.

Insurance scenarios

Let Ai build different scenarios for different types of customers based on your product information.

Insurance knowledge checks

Let Ai build exercises for people to practice getting the relevant information in front of their prospects.

New credit cards, deposits, loans, investments? Ai Can handle them all

No matter what financial instrument you are launching, making sure your customer-facing employees know how to articulate it is crucial.

Generate real-world customer scenarios

By creating different scenarios your employees can analyze, you give them a way to practice presenting the product to their customers.

Understand where people struggle to understand the details

By getting the deep level insights, you can quickly address misunderstanding or blind spots people might have.

New Carrier plans, bonuses and loyalty Points? Ai can speed up employee onboarding on them

Every time you launch a new telco product, your customer-facing employees will make the difference between a successful launch and a failed one.

Sales scenarios

Build sales scenarios in seconds, giving employees a cutting edge when engaging customers.

Best practices

Let employees from different shops interact and exchange best practices on employee interactions.

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