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exciting Induction  journeys

Great induction programs inspire new employees to discover the company and bond with colleagues, decrease ramp-up time and provide insights into employee engagement

problems teamlearn solves

solve the most pressing problems in your onboarding sessions

To help you onboard employees faster, easier and provide a better overall experience for new hires, Teamlearn brings a set of modern AI tools to the table

Low engagement

When new employees are disengaged, they become brand detractors instead of brand ambassadors.

Immersive learning

Learning paths that are extremely engaging and play on their curiosity, social nature and self-starting drive make people promote your company brand.

Social learningGamified experiences
High effort to manage

Running a successful onboarding program becomes complicated because of all the little admin tasks, like scheduling training, reminders, invitations, etc.

Scheduled delivery

With our Time Block technology, you can put learning on autopilot by scheduling learning modules in people's calendar.

Batch scheduling of learning pathsAutomated reminders
Few resources

Induction processes need lots of internal resources, and this makes the process feel rushed.

Automations for everything

Everything you can imagine can be automated, from content production to delivery and reporting.

AI tools for learning path generationAutomated reporting
High strain on SMEs

Subject Matter Experts face a triple challenge during onboarding sessions: they need to manage the experience, deliver training and stay on top of they own workload.

Self-guided learning

The platform allows you to add SMEs only to the sessions that require their presence, while for most sessions the system can act as a digital mentor.

Mentor / Observer rolesSelf-guided training (no trainer)
Lack of individual insights

When you reach the end of the induction program, knowing how people feel about the company can make the difference between success and failure.

Advanced analytics

We use machine learning to determine employees motivation, engagement & potential, while also letting you know what their emotional journey looked like.

Sentiment analysisPredictive analytics
Content is poorly designed

Let's face it, your SMEs are great at their jobs, but their job is not to be an expert instructional designer, and because of that content sometimes is too static and overwhelming.

AI Content redesign

We use the latest developments in generative Ai to take your current content & turn it into gamified, engaging experiences.

Content benchmarkingAi Authoring Tool
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