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there are few options when you need to train employees at scale

Any transformation projects generated by a merger, a new way of working or some critical changes across the whole company can fail without proper training

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Rapid upskilling & alignment can make or break any transformation effort

the power of training automation

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Training Automation

Automate training delivery across multiple learning journeys.

Remove the facilitator constraint that your organization has in scaling training.

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Training EnablementSpeed

3x Completion1
30x Faster2
25x Engagement3

Teamlearn helps you scale your training capacity
from 15 people/month to 1000+ in under 6 weeks

Scaling transformation efforts
Product companies going through change or some sort of organisational transformation
Scaling training at cost
Product companies with stable growth but potentially big cost challenges for the next year
Upskilling a large workforce
Outsourcing/service companies with large workforce to scale their rapid onboarding
1. When compared with e-learning
2. When compared to facilitated training
3. When compared to Linkedin Learning or Udemy
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