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Enhance the four critical touch points
of your Leadership Academy

Organizing an internal leadership academy is an exciting project, and we help you keep the excitement up and running for the whole journey

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Teamlearn helps you run much more effective Training Academies.

1. Initial assessment
With Teamlearn you can conduct the initial assessment of your Academy trainees.
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2. Classroom training
Create digital experiential activities & deploy them during training.
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3. Between sessions
Deploy scenario-based online learning activities during sessions to keep momentum
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4. Final assessment
Conduct the final exams with Teamlearn and get objective insights on people's skills.
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1. When compared with academies without Training Enablement Software

Leadership Academies

Scenario-based exercises
Leaders navigate complex situations, from conflict resolution to strategic decision-making, in a virtual, risk-free environment.
Unlocking collective intelligence
Peer-to-peer learning is at the heart of Teamlearn's approach to leadership development.
Other types of academies

Sales Academies

Knowledge sharing in sales
Enables sales professionals to exchange insights and strategies, enriching their learning experience and empowering them with a diverse set of sales tactics.
Practical sales situations
Through interactive scenarios, sales personnel learn to navigate various customer interactions, honing their ability to close deals effectively.

Customer academies

Challenging customer situations
Interactive modules simulate challenging service scenarios, training representatives to resolve issues efficiently and empathetically.
Capture the particularities
Emphasize the nuances of customer interaction, ensuring every engagement is positive and memorable.
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