Build Engaging learning Sessions
for Distributed Teams

In today's remote work environment, keeping your team connected, engaged, and consistently trained can be a challenge.

With our platform, you can provide equal opportunities for growth and development for your team, regardless of them being distributed across the world.

Traditional Learning Methods Fall Short for Distributed Teams

Using generic e-learning content to train distributed teams makes people feel disconnected, bored and disengaged. With Teamlearn, you can combine skill building and team building into one experience.

Good: Learning together with colleagues

Collaboration & social interaction is critical not just for learning, but for building a sense of belonging, accomplishment and pride in being part of the team.

Not so good: Learning alone

Delivering learning content in traditional LMS or through LinkedIn Learning (or similar) does very little to build a team culture around learning and growth.

Why upskill you distributed teams with Teamlearn?

Teamlearn is the only learning platform that was specifically designed to cater to the needs of distributed workers, having over 50.000 of them go through learning sessions in the platform.

Learn together

Deploy learning sessions as team training where people connect in small groups to tackle topics together.

Have fun

Make learning fun by deploying game-based scenarios where people need to solve interesting challenges together.

Build team spirit

Team training becomes team building when people interact regularly to go through fun learning challenges together.

Over 50,000+ distributed employees learn together through Teamlearn
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One platform, unlimited team learning opportunities

Multi-player learning brings the missing ingredients to the online learning space
Feedback from peers
Social learning
Collective intelligence
Build a module in 10 minutes

Our Ai authoring tools allows you to build a personalized course in under 10 minutes.

Schedule recurring Sessions

Make learning a priority by scheduling recurring training sessions directly in people's calendar.

Like a digital whiteboard

People can hear each-other and see each-other's mouse pointers, taking action in sync.

Turn it into Team building

Our Ai system allows you to build team games that engage and inspire people to work together.

No time? no problem

We deploy the platform with 10 hours of team training content pre-built per your instructions.

No facilitator needed

Our Ai system allows you to deploy team training without a human facilitator, for better cost control.

Deploy your first team training session in under 1 week

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How we help you upskill your distributed teams

Teamlearn is the first online training platform with full collaborative features over the internet, making it perfect for distributed and remote workers.

10.000+ Distributed Teams

We help teams all over the world build grow skills and increase teamwork.

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90% Engagement Increase

Teamlearn gets double the engagement of traditional e-learning or virtual training

10x Satisfaction within team

People report more satisfaction with the team dynamic after learning with Teamlearn.

Deploy your first team training session in under 1 week

If you want to see how the platform works, how it integrates in your talent development strategy or just want to see Ai for L&D in action, give us a call.

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