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best in class learning analytics

Teamlearn goes beyond quiz scores & attendance and provides insights into what people actually know & how they feel about certain topics.


Knowing what's really going on is at the centre of a good learning strategy

Teamlearn analyses over 20.000 data points to understand what is the true impact of a learning experience for the employees

actionable insights

the nature of learning analytics is changing

Analytics that can help your organization strategize and act at every level

Give managers insights for meaningful conversations

Teamlearn allows leaders to understand people's interests and blind spots to be able to engage them in a better way.

Understand organizational alignment on important topics

When you roll out a new way of working or a new company wide policy, you can determine what areas require extra training by looking at the Teamlearn insights.

where can you use predictive ai

Predictive Analytics help in three Foundational Areas

The Recruitment Process

Get more insights into your candidates by deploying assessment exercises

The Onboarding Process

Get more insights into high potential new hires by deploying problem-solving exercises

The Company Alignment Process

Get more insights into employee adoption of new topics by deploying test scenarios

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