Ai course creator tool

Build in 30 minutes what would take 2 days with other tools

When compared with other authoring tools like Articulate, 360Learning, TalentLMS and Cornerstone, Teamlearn is 32x faster on average.

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Faster than the most established authoring tools


Easier to use than the most established authoring tools

what you can build with ai

Three Types of content you can Create with Ai

You can use AI as a generator or as an orchestrator, starting from your own content and prompting the sistem to reinterpret it, make it more engaging, more exciting and more impactful.

Gamified ai engine

amaze employees by turning dry topics into learning games

Your employer brand will become stronger when you embed gaming experiences throughout the entire employee life cycle. And with AI, this requires zero experience and just a few short minutes.

Assessment games for recruitment
Discovery games for induction & onboarding
Mini-simulations for product training

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fast scaling

use ai To Grow Your content library Quickly

Turn any document into an engaging course

No ideas? No worries. Just upload any document and ask the system to turn it into an engaging training course.

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Make smarter and faster edits with AI

Ask the system to improve courses by making them more exciting, less boring, more practical, more to the point.

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privacy & security

your data stays yours.

We don't train our AI models with your data and we can also help you get your own instance of the product, hosted on your own servers.

Enterprise versions of AI : complete privacy and security.

On prem deployment: your self hosted Teamlearn platform.

Have A use case In Mind? Let’s work together

If you want to see how the platform works, how it integrates in your talent development strategy or just want to see Ai for L&D in action, give us a call.

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Question & Answer

Using a.I. to advance your training agenda

How much time will we save by using AI?

Our clients usually build a fully deployable course in 1 hour, compared to 3-4 days with other tools.

Is there a limit to what we can build with AI?

The only type of content you can't create with AI (just yet) is video content.

Do you provide training on how to use the system?

Yes, each new client gets a one day training session on building learning content with AI