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Use your LMS for the boring bits. Use Ai for the exciting ones.


We're pushing the limits of what online learning looks like

Teamlearn is create with speed & engagement in mind: build + deploy content at the speed of AI, engage + inspire learners with game-based learning and social tools.

LMS vs. tes

We know you hate your lMS. But you'll love TES

LMS is a necessary evil, but a Talent Enablement Solution like Teamlearn is something to be desired: modern, easy to use and impactful from start to finish.
Learning Management System
The Boring One
Talent Enablement Solution
The Exciting One
Primarily designed for managing learning content and courses.
Focused on enabling and enhancing talent development.
Learning approach
Often centered around individual learning and content consumption.
Learning Approach
Interactive, scenario-based, collaborative, problem-based.
Target audience
Suitable for a compliance and mandatory technical training inside most companies.
Target Audience
Ideal for organizations that focus on talent development.
Technology &features
Standard features include course creation, tracking learner progress, and quizess.
Technology & Features
Advanced AI features for course creation, collaboration tools, simulated environments.
User engagement
Varies, but typically more passive and reliant on self-motivation.
User Engagement
High engagement through real-time collaboration and interactive learning.
Some level of customization in course creation, but generally less flexible in delivery method.
Highly adaptable, can be used in classroom or online, as a single player or multi-player journey.
Focuses on tracking vanity metrics: completion rates, test scores, and user progress.
Focus on predicting employee performance on specific topics and tracking skill level.
use your lms for the basics

Use Teamlearn for dynamic experiences

With Teamlearn, engagement is a product of social interactions, game-based learning experiences and problem-based learning

Gamified product training
Peer-to-peer learning
Collaborative & problem-based learning
Use your lms for compliance

Use Teamlearn for talent development

Teamlearn is designed to help you identify, onboard & develop talent across the entire organization
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It starts with Recruitment

You can use Teamlearn in the recruitment process, giving candidates a memorable experience they will want to share with their friends

Assessment exercises : build fun and engaging assessment exercises for candidates.

Candidate insights : use our AI to better understand candidate profiles, engagement and maturity.

Next, Onboarding that matters

With Teamlearn, onboarding becomes an insightful, immersive and engaging experience for both employees & the company

Then, Continuous development

Deploy long term learning paths to support growth & make talent development a priority

use your lms for generic training

Use ai to create content that is relevant & specific for your employees

Teamlearn uses Artificial Intelligence as an orchestrator for content creation, building content based on your own knowledge base

3600 environments

Give learning a gaming vibe in 30 seconds.

With Teamlearn, giving learning a gaming vibe is built in the AI engine. All you need to do is ask it to dream up a world for you.

Any style : you can generate anything from Sci-Fi, medieval, magical to realistic 360 interiors that learners can explore and interact with.

Multiple use cases : give learning a gaming vibe, build an escape room, let people discover knowledge at their own pace, transform boring content, etc.

interactive exercises

Generate interactive exercises in 30 seconds.

With Teamlearn, creating challenges, interactive case studies, drag & drop activities, prioritization tasks, grouping tasks, etc. is done with a click of a button.

Start from your content : you can upload your own content and ask our Ai system to generate activities and exercises based on it (great for product training, onboarding topics)

Explore generic topics : for most well known topics, our Ai system can generate interactive activities and exercises without any prior knowledge base (works for soft skills, project management, leadership topics)

Custom scenarios

Generate case studies & real world problems in 30 seconds.

You can generate problems to be solved, scenarios, case studies, real world examples with our built-in prompt templates.

Custom content : by uploading your own source materials (PDFs, PPTs, CSVs) you can generate customized learning bits that make sense for your learners.

Multiple use cases : give learning a gaming vibe, build an escape room, let people discover knowledge at their own pace, transform boring content, etc.

create anything

Even if you can't dream it, you can build it.

Just by asking questions to our Ai trainer, it can figure out what you are trying to achieve and present options for you to choose from.

Instructional designer chatbot : request lesson plans, course structures, course image covers, and more.

Generate complete course modules : you can kickstart your content creation process by generating full course modules and editing to make them perfect for you.

Coding Development

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best in class analytics so you know who knows what

Teamlearn can act as an out of the box assessment center, with Ai taking the lead to give you the insights you need.

True engagement insights

Understand not just if people tick the training box, but also if they are actively engaged with the topics at hand.

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Motivation & confidence issues

Get a feel for what people's perception is on specific topics, their blind spots and confidence issues.

Course impact on performance

Spot situations where training impact will not happen and understand why.

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Use your LMS for the boring stuff.
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