Use Ai to give your  L&D projects a boost

Use your LMS for the boring bits. Use Ai for the exciting ones.


pushing the limits of what Digital learning looks like

Teamlearn is create with speed & engagement in mind: build + deploy content at the speed of AI, engage + inspire learners with game-based learning and social tools.

use your lms for generic training

Use ai to create content that is relevant & specific for your employees

Teamlearn uses Artificial Intelligence as an orchestrator for content creation, building content based on your own knowledge base

3600 environments

Give learning a gaming vibe in 30 seconds.

With Teamlearn, giving learning a gaming vibe is built in the Ai engine.

Any gaming style : from Sci-Fi to medieval, from magical to realistic, learners get immersed into the learning world.

No more boring bits : even mundane topics can become interesting when nested inside a game.

interactive exercises

Generate interactive exercises in 30 seconds.

With Teamlearn, creating challenges, interactive case studies, drag & drop activities, prioritization tasks, grouping tasks, etc. is done with a click of a button.

Collaborative challenges : Ai can build exercises that multiple people can interact with at the same time.

Not just text : Teamlearn does not just generate text, but fully functional learning modules.

Custom scenarios

Generate Learning Scenarios in 30 seconds.

You can generate problems to be solved, scenarios, case studies, real world examples with our built-in prompt templates.

Custom content : by uploading your own source materials (PDFs, PPTs, CSVs) you can generate customized learning bits that make sense for your learners.

Learning by doing : build real problems for people to solve as learning exercises.


Use it where you need it, online or in the Classroom.

Build content that can be used to enhance experiential classroom training, not just e-learning.

Experiential games : create experiential activities to be delivered in the classroom for a more modern look & feel.

Group-work : create content that is great for groups of learning to engage during classroom training.

Coding Development

The Right Tools Here Are To Make Development Smarter & Faster.

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use your lms for the basics

Use Teamlearn for Engaging experiences

With Teamlearn, engagement is a product of social interactions, game-based learning experiences and problem-based learning

Gamified training
Peer-to-peer learning
Collaborative & problem-based learning
Use your lms for compliance

Use Teamlearn for talent development

Teamlearn is designed to help you identify, onboard & develop talent across the entire organization
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It starts with Recruitment

Give candidates a memorable experience they will want to share with their friends.

Assessment exercises

Candidate insights

Next, Onboarding that matters

An insightful, immersive and engaging experience for both employees & the company

Then, Continuous development

Deploy long-term learning paths to support growth & make talent development a priority


best in class analytics so you know who knows what

Teamlearn can act as an out of the box assessment center, with Ai taking the lead to give you the insights you need.

True engagement insights

Understand not just if people tick the training box, but also if they are actively engaged with the topics at hand.

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Motivation & confidence issues

Get a feel for what people's perception is on specific topics, their blind spots and confidence issues.

Course impact on performance

Spot situations where training impact will not happen and understand why.

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Use your LMS for the boring stuff.
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